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See the definition of Inspiration below. This is what Inspiration Den represents, and what it wants to evoke in others and would like to daily aspire to do through these interviews, inspiration boards, and articles! 

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I find inspiration in scouring through magazines, reading books, surfing the web and many other areas (you can read more about what inspires me here). Recently, as I was clicking my way through pinterest I came across Kelli Murray Art, which led me to Society6. I was immediately drawn in by all their amazing prints! 

I was so interested that I decided to contact Society6 for a Q&A with the founders and was so excited to hear back! Anyways, I'm happy to introduce Lucas Tirigall, Justin Cooper, & Justin Wills of Society 6! 

LWF: Little Woodland Friend (Amber Dunstan)
S6: Society 6 

LWF: Can you tell the Inspiration Den followers how Society 6 was born and about the mission behind it?

S6: Society6 was born over a sandwich in early 2009. The idea was simple, create as many opportunities as possible for the world’s artists. We finally grew tired of seeing so many incredibly talented people (mostly friends) go without exposure for their work. We also noticed that artists and creative people in general were having to make too many sacrifices to make ends meet, and that they were undermining the quality and value of their own work.
Today, Society6 empowers one of the most active, international artist communities in the world to make their artwork immediately available for sale as a variety of products – without giving up control of their rights. We believe that the artistic process is just as important as the end result and that artwork should be made accessible to everyone anywhere in the world.
LWF: Are you guys drawn to a specific art?
S6: Anything visual (illustration, photography, collage, paint, digital, etc.) and as far away from derivative as possible. Society6 artists are doing some of the most progressive work out there today.
LWF: Any words of wisdom or encouragement for an artist who is just beginning to hone their craft or launch a business?
S6: You have to put your work out there for the world to see. If you delay because you feel intimidated, or like it is 'not ready yet' then you will have missed out. Our feeling is that art is intended to be shared, and in our case purchased.
LWF: What inspires you guys?
S6: Anyone that is bold - vulnerability is rewarding.

Thanks Society6 for taking time out to answer our questions! We are truly inspired by your site and love how you provide artists the means to produce their work in this way! 

This feature is just a small taste of Society6, If you would like to see more check out their site! Also know this is an ideal site to find Christmas gifts! So get online and support art and get artwork as gallery quality prints, iPhone cases, t-shirts and other fine products on Society6!

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