Friday, November 23, 2012

31 Bit's

Happy day after Thanksgiving! It's the day that you officially pop into Christmas mode. One of my dearest friends put it best: "in two day's it will finally be socially acceptable for me to listen to Christmas music!" So not only am I listening to some old school Christmas tunes while sipping a piping hot cup of joe, but I'm also flipping through magazines and poring over blogs to find some holiday inspiration (future inspiration gift guide coming soon!)! And this spirit of gift-giving brings me to one of my most favorite features to date: 31 Bit's a Jewelry Company!

31 Bits is more than just a Jewelry company. They have a creative concept which truly inspires you to get up, get out, and do more. I love their idea of "Using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty." Through selling their beads, 31 Bit's gives these women more than just a paycheck. They get a chance to learn finance training, English, receive spiritual support through a community group, health education, and business training in hopes that after four to five years within their program each woman will graduate with confidence, a voice, a career, and a future. 

When you receive a 31 Bit's piece you also receive an amazing booklet of who 31 Bit's is and what they stand for. As I was reading through the booklet, this quote stood out to me: 

"In our model of development, we believe in a holistic approach, caring for every part of a person life. Education, Health, Faith, Financial Independence, and the capacity to dream, all play a part in an individuals journey to rive above poverty."    

I LOVE this company and I'm sure you will too. Take a gander at their website and blog to see these amazing pieces, and be sure to check out their full story

The bracelet below is one of my favorites, it's called the Whistler and would make an amazing gift! 

Thanks 31 Bit's for allowing me to feature your amazing work!

31 Bit's Web, Social Media, Shop, Blog & More
Photo Credit & Shoot Concept goes to one of my favorite photographers Mark Brooke Photography

-Amber of Team Woodland Friend

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