Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Pair of Pears - An Artist Interview & Look Book

Good Morning All! We have been so eager to share this feature, we are inspired daily by so many artist and things and one of our most favorite pieces of inspiration would have to be graphic design and paper. The idea of being able to send a card or invitation to a dear friend or loved one is so exciting especially when you love the design of the card it makes for sending a piece of mail almost as exciting as receiving it. Anyways, we stumbled upon an invite that Jake & Jamie had created from a Pair of Pears on Pinterest and fell in love with their work and their blog, they have some inspiring DIY's, Inspirational Pieces and Printable Cards/Invites on the Blog! So without further ado check out a Pair of Pears...

We want Christmas to come so we can have a Hot Chocolate Party! Awesome Printable Invite!

You can get this adorable Bridal Shower Invite on their ETSY SHOP!

 We are especially loving the Printables on a Pair of Pears! Check them out! We want to throw a party now! 

We LOVE this Things To Do... List Printable! The Design is one of our favorites.

One Word LOVE

An Interview with A Pair of Pears...

LWF-Little Woodland Friend
J&J-Jake & Jamie of a Pair of Pears

LWF: How did you and Jake decide to create A Pair of Pears & have you always been into graphic design?

J&J: We actually started A Pair of Pears the night of our engagement party. We realized from then on we were going to have a lot to share with our family and we weren't living near either one. So at first it was just a place for us to update family and post pictures of what we had been up to. We loved blogging to much that from there it just expanded into the art and design aspects of our lives. Both of us have been into art of all sorts since we were babies. We both had parents that really fostered that in us. It wasn't until high school that we became interested in a more focused area of art: graphic design. I remember "discovering" that graphic design existed. It might sound silly, but I had no idea people actually got to do that for a living. From then on I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I've done it ever since.  

LWF: What inspires you guys and how do you start your creative process? 

J&J: Each other mostly. We do a lot of bouncing ideas off of one another until they develop into something worth designing. Also we love old things. Oh and art books, lots of art books! You can never have too many. As far as process goes, we usually start with a good ol' fashion brain storm session. We just start thinking of things that relate to whatever we are designing until we think we have something good. Sometimes I start with a sketch or if I'm particularly excited about it I'll just jump right on the computer and start laying out what is in my head (shhh don't tell our college professors, they always said sketch first). If we get stuck on a part of the design we probably will flip trough some more books or go online and take a look at other work artists have done. You've got to get those creative juices going.

LWF: Do you have a favorite artist? 

J&J: Hammerpress is our favorite. They do some awesome stuff. We also love Quill & Fox, talk about great designs. 

LWF: I see you have a shared love for the letterpress, what do you like most about the letter press and do you prefer this type of printing over digital? 

J&J: I think we can both say we love the letterpress process because we get to work with our hands and even get a little dirty. For the longest time most of our work was only done on the computer, sent off to the printer and then one day magically appeared on our doorstep. Letterpress is different. We get to mix the ink, feel the texture, and pull each print one at a time by hand. It's a lengthy process but we love every minute of it.

LWF: Any other creative endeavors we should know about? 

J&J: We like to dabble in lots of things. We have a growing collection of cameras and lenses we like to play with. These days, our dalmatian puppy is always in front of the lens. We also love doing DIY projects for our home. Our dream is to someday buy a house we can fix up and have a garage full of tools so we can do lots of projects to make it ours.

If you would like to know more about A Pair of Pears check out the links below. 

Baby Blue & Blond

Love this outfit and hair ensemble on Michelle Williams! Button Ups, Patterned Pants and Loafer type shoes, adorable. I guess bleached blond short hair is the trend right now, we all know Mylie Cyrus, Gwen Stefani and Pink are all rockin' this look and lookin' good doing it!

Tell us what your wearing today!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Color Palette: Pastels

Happy Monday! We love jewelry here at Inspiration den, a little flair sometimes adds that little something you need to spice up that boring outfit. We love this Pastel Mosaic Bib Necklace , pastels have made their mark this season we are see'in it in clothes, nails, hair, make up, jeans and everything in between! Peach & Pink is one of our favorites! 

Enjoy this quick piece of inspiration!

-Team Woodland Friend

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dr. Martens & Floral Prints Oh My! (a Little Wednesday morning inspiration)

It's Wednesday, the middle of the week, the day you need the most inspiration except of course for Monday! So in honor of Wednesday hump day get inspired by these radical floral Dr. Martens!

Looks like the 90's are coming back, we were inspired by this summers tribal textiles and now were lovin' the floral prints and Dr. Martens for fall! Who else is looking forward to sipping a hot coffee and sitting by a warm fire?! We are!

-Team Woodland Friend

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hi Everyone,

We just received our new logo from TYPOLOGIE & CO. for Little Woodland Friend Fox Den! It's the Logo we'll use when we have a post or piece of inspiration that we want to aim specifically towards the guys (we have some pretty rad posts in the works!). The Bunny Logo is awesome but definitely geared towards us girls! Enjoy! 

-Team Little Woodland Friend