Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Your Cloud Parade Part 1!

Cloud Parade is a marketplace for any couple to design and purchase their "HIP," "RAD" wedding and its launching today! If your a Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid, Groomsman, or your just a wedding enthusiast (like so many of the amazing vendors featured on Cloud Parade) then you'll LOVE what your about to see! CP allows anyone to search by color, style, or product, to create a wedding that reflects you and your fiancé's vision perfectly. You can literally look up PINK - INVITES - BOHEMIA and find that exact product! The following video explains what I mean perfectly! 

Inspiration Den is all about inspiring the masses with the art of others, to create a diverse, creative community, and I think CP really exudes that! I hope you enjoy their answers to my questions below! 

LWF: Little Woodland Friend (Amber Dunstan)

CP: Cloud Parade (Candice Becklund)

LWF: What does inspiration mean to Cloud Parade?

CP: Being inspired means you are not stuck in a box… Being inspired is freedom, a way to be You! Cloud Parade is just that, its a way to be inspired with the one you love (your fiancé). on Cloud Parade you can shop and design your wedding all in one spot. Cloud parade thrives on the word "inspiration". 

LWF: Give us 5 words that best sums up CP.

CP: Hip. Wedding, Marketplace. Design. Rad. Shop.

Candice & Molly of CP

Thanks CP for letting me feature you today!

Stay tuned for tomorrows feature, A day in the life of the CP girls & a fun/inspiring day at Unique LA w/ Candice! Also don't forget to refer CP to the rad vendors you know who are looking to set up a shop!

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