Thursday, December 13, 2012

Introduction: Ashley Wingo of Lovelock & Co.

I'm so excited about this feature on Ashley of Lovelock & Co.. Not only is she a talented blogger & photographer, but also our newest contributor! 

I thought you all would want to get to know her a bit so I asked her if she would write a piece on who she is, what she does, and what inspires her.  Stay tuned because Ash will be posting new pieces on Inspiration Den every couple of weeks, everything from Fashion and Design to pretty much anything that inspires her. 

House of Lovelock

My biggest inspiration has always come from the idea that things don’t have to be unlovely. I’m sort of a reactor - if you say it’s ugly, I’ll want to show you how it isn’t or I'll work on improving it until it isn’t. I love the potential in everything. A house or person doesn’t have to be naturally glamorous to look the best they themselves can look – you can make improvements on anything. On the opposite side of things, I also think it’s also important to be content with the unique imperfections that come along with design or photography. Work with what you got, right?!

LWF: Little Woodland Friend (Amber Dunstan)
AW: Ashley Wingo (Lovelock & Co.)

LWF: Who are your favorite designers?

AW: My long term love has been Ralph Lauren (literally since I was a kid). More recent crushes include Kelly Wearstler + Victoria Beckham. I find that I’m not really ever “sold” on one specific person or all their work – I just appreciate or are inspired by different aspects about each of them. 
LWF: How do you juggle a family, photography business and blogging? 

AW: Honestly, I don’t sleep enough! I try to just focus on one thing at a time, during the weekdays, it’s mainly just the kids + the personal blog, I work every night and weekends on the business. It’s definitely juggling, and tiring, but so worth it.   

LWF: What is currently your favorite outfit & piece of home decor? 

AW: My emerald lace dress + glossy black pumps. (Ironically I bought it about 4 days before Pantone’s announcement.) For seasonal home d├ęcor, it’s my Christmas tree. It instantly upped that feeling of home. Besides the tree, I kinda have a chair obsession, and my pair of wingbacks (ironically also in emerald) definitely fits the bill of “favs”.

Thank You Ashley for sharing with us, I LOVE those antlers & wingback chairs! Can't wait for further entries from you!

You can also follow Ashley of Lovelock Here.

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