Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In + On: Post Holiday Greens

Last time we chatted, I was anticipating all the fun holiday things I'd be wearing and doing. I never dawned my outfits this year. (All the planning wasted!) Instead, I spent most of the last two weeks being tired, ill, or taking care of someone who was. Being the girl that I am, I'm going to stage all those happy events I had planned, down to making those gosh-dang nutcracker cupcakes and take pictures of it all. In January. In 10 years we will fondly remember our faux holidays, I'm sure of it. I'm wearing that skirt and no one can stop me. In the meantime, the tree is a semi-permanent fixture. It's coming down next week, but I already miss it. I'm looking for an equal replacement with a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree for the same corner. I love having plants in the house, so of course, the next bigger and better thing would be a tree.


I've had a lot of people ask how I care for my plants (yes, there are that many) and to be totally honest with you - I do nothing. My husband keeps them up for me! They really never last more than a month at my hand, but even at that, I'd rather have a plant then a bouquet of flowers any day. Plants give a home a permanent & settled feeling. If you can't fit a tree in your home, try a Maidenhair Fern (available at Home Depot or Lowes). They look gorgeous anywhere and are by far my favorite tabletop plant)


I've had a history of under appreciating the long dress. I'm just under 5'4" so certain maxis or gowns aren't an option because they only accentuate my height (or rather, the lack of). Because they are trending right now, I'm see a lot more options on the market - plenty even I can pull off! And the top left dress is just stunning to me as it's my favorite color - shiny.

(Links & credit for all the inspiration images can be found on my Inspiration Den Board)

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