Monday, November 5, 2012

Thorn + Sparrow - An Artist Interview & Look Book

Happy Monday All!

I'm so excited to introduce a good friend of mine: Ashley Rodriguez of Thorn + Sparrow! Before Ashley relocated to Montana and started Thorn + Sparrow, we ran a custom invitation company together (which you can read up on here!). Ash and I pretty much share a brain when it comes to creating and crafting. We both have a passion for paper, graphic design, and fashion, as well as a desire to inspire our communities. I hope you enjoy this artist interview & look book. 

LWF: Little Woodland Friend (a.k.a. Amber Dunstan)
T+S: Thorn + Sparrow (a.k.a. Ashley Rodriguez)

LWF: What Does inspiration mean to you?

T+S: To me, inspiration means stirring up creativity- so whether that's seeing pretty images, reading interviews and articles, hearing moving music or being in a new place and smelling all the different aromas, I soak it all in to stir up new ideas. most of the time I'm on the lookout for inspiration, but I love when inspiration comes when I'm not looking for it, when I'm forced to quickly jot down the unexpected vision when I'm out and about, that's when I feel like a real artist.

LWF: Who Inspires you?

T+S: A lot of people inspire me, too many to list!! all of my friends are inspiring in their own way... I think it comes down to people who beat all odds in their craft - their vision, their determination, their patience, their faith, their passion - people who pursue something because of their love for that thing.

LWF: How do you start your creative process?

T+S: If I'm working on a custom project, I start the creative process by reading all about my client or chatting over coffee with them [though that doesn't happen often since I'm way up in MT haha] so that I glean inspiration directly from the person I'm creating for, then I brainstorm and sketch any and all ideas that come from that. 
if I'm working on a non-custom project, I usually listen to music and sketch things or write down words that keep circling in my mind and i really try not to over think it - I try to paint/draw/write without anything else on my mind... it's tough, but it always ends being some of my favorite work. 

If you like what you see here and would like to contact Ashley from Thorn + Sparrow go Here.

-Team Woodland Friend

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