Friday, November 30, 2012

Jed Bridges : An Artist Interview & Look Book

I have many passions in life: blogging, fashion, and coffee (to name a few). But my biggest passion is for graphic design and type. That's one of the reasons I started T&CO. As an artist I so enjoy coming across other inspiring people, and artists with fresh ideas, who are able to think and design outside the box, and I believe today's featured artist does just that! I am so excited to introduce Jed Bridges, Director of Design at AppStack, a truly inspirational graphic designer, and great friend. Enjoy!

LWF: Little Woodland Friend 
JB: Jed Bridges

LWD: Where do you work?
JB: I'm currently the Director of Design at AppStack, a start up in Southern California. We are trying to make mobile websites and advertising really simple for small, non tech-savvy business owners. I get to work on everything from our mobile app to our robust custom dashboard. It's really fun!

LWF: What does Inspiration mean to you?
JB: Inspiration is something I'm learning how to use correctly. It takes a lot of studying and really looking to understand the principles being used in someones work. Applying those principles to your own work is the hard part. With the goal being to create something in your own voice, incorrect application of inspiration will lead to plagiarism.

LWF: How do you start the creative process?
JB: Defining the goals of a design/product is usually step one for me. A project is basically a series of decisions. Every decision should revolve around those initial goals.

LWF: What are your top 5 favorite type faces?
JB: So hard to pick just 5! Garamond, Proxima Nova, Minion, Avant Garde Gothic, Lubalin Graph

LWF: Who inspires you?
JB: Just to lista  few in no perticular order. Milton Glaser, Wilson Miner, Saul Bass, Jason Santa Maria, Herb Lubalin, Franklin Zaph, Deter Rams, Frank Chimero, Rogie King, Drew 

 If your interested in seeing more from Jed check out his website and his dribble page!

Thanks Jed for letting me feature you on inspiration den!




-Amber of Inspiration Den

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